Guys, when should I start inviting my boyfriend over to my house more often?

We've been dating for about three months. He's already invited me to family wedding in a couple of months and we are also planning a trip together. He's already met my kids and I've met his daughter. I usually see him about once a week, but my kids are always excited when he comes over. I always just go to his place when my kids go to their dads, but I want him to come over to my house more too. I just feel weird about inviting him because I don't want to seem too needy. How should I invite him over? How often should I suggest he come over?



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  • Men find a certain level of neediness attractive. If you are only seeing him one day a week and ask him to come over it will not been seen as you being clingy. It should be part of every relationship that you want to spend time with your partner. Stop worrying about how he will react to you wanting to be with him and just be with him.

    • I asked him and he said he'd think about it... Boo!

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    • Ha-ha that's not stopping him from coming over and having dinner is it? I can see not spending the night if he has a job that requires home to be up early but there are 24 hours in a day and I'm sure he could give you at least 3 twice a week

    • He came over last week for dinner and we spend most of the weekend together. Im sure he'll make his way to me sometime if not tonight. I just miss him.