Met up with someone I normally hook up with, but he never made a move?

Normally we hook up after drinks or something. He was having a really rough day and came over. We talked, he put his hand on my leg but never tried to kiss me or anything. I've known him for like 3 years.

We're normally pretty busy so we normally only hook up once a month. Normally he'll just kiss me at some point. Was he being shy, just not in the mood, or did I mess up somehow? He drove down to see me really late and I feel like I wasn't very helpful.


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  • what makes you think he has to? especially when girls refuse to make moves and guys get tired of that. guys want to be shown love/affection too, not be having to do everything. seriously, why you girls gotta be like that?

    • He was upset, I thought jumping him would be inappropriate. I just gave him a back rub and we talked. I basically love him but I don't know how he feels so I wasn't sure what would be ok.

    • talk to him and ask how he feels and you have to tell him how you feel and what you want also.

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  • Probably he needed aomeone to talk to and had problems or bad bday u can't always be in the mood

    • I just wish I'd made a move, I was just feeling shy

    • Yes but it is also good u listenend and were there for him

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