How to move on after rejection?

A girl who was with me in a same college rejected me... I loved her very much she rejected me twice and after that I didn't approach again to her never did try to talk to her or had any contact with her... we were good friends but I was not able to. maintain the friendship bcoz I loved her... now it has been about 4 months over after our college I am still not able to move on. Is there any way in which I could forget her? there is only a mutual friend of ours who is in contact with me.


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  • I've been in a similar situation. You've just got to keep her out of your mind. The best way to do that is to keep active, keep your mind busy with other things, even if it means messing about with other women...

    Just keep your mind focused on other things. It may take time but it will work.

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    • My advice would be to simple get out there and meet new women.
      Personally women are so much time and effort, most of them aren't even worth it to begin with.

      For me I focused on going on trips and workouts. Whatever works for you...


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  • I was rejected by almost everyone in high school, and made fun of.

    Cheerleaders would consider me a joke, and even ugly girls would be disgusted towards me.

    Now some of them are fat and poor, and the cheerleaders are now whores.

    Believe me just move on.

  • by not taking it too serious in the first place.