How can I tell if a woman only likes me for my personality?

It's scary to think that women deceive you into thinking that they find you physically attractive but in reality they only like you for your personality or your talents (play instruments etc). They say that "physical attraction comes later" I don't believe at all. I want my future girlfriend to find me physically attractive, like me for my personality and my talents/skills. I'm trying to avoid dating women that only like me for my personality.

Any advice on avoiding women that only like me for my personality?


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  • this is true both directions... similarly I might find a woman extremely attractive upon seeing her-then get to know her and due to an ugly personality no longer really see her as attractive... everything counts in attraction and repulsion.

    Likewise, I don't think I'm some hot guy, perhaps not even average good looks... but many women who "friendzone" me at first come on to me after a while upon getting to know me... or simply accept my Xth advance after rejecting me several times... Women like confidence more than anything, that's all I know :)


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  • You're cutting out a good percentage of future women. I was not attracted to my spouse at the beginning. Now he's the bomb! Attractiveness can grow and it can go in any direction. The basis of a great relationship is a best friend.

    You'd rather be validated as good looking than a nice person? Why?

    • I want her to like me for everything. If she only likes me for my personality, I won't feel loved.

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    • As I've said, I want my future girlfriend to like for both my looks and personality.

    • Picking up women at bars is a bad idea, they are probably a bunch of gold diggers.

  • Sometimes, personality shines so much it just makes a guy fuckin sexy.
    God, i hate guys like that lol, they're the ones who make you really really like them.

    • How can a physically ugly guy suddenly turn physically attractive just because of his personality?

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    • If he's hot, he's hot. Everybody can see hot guys. When I'm out with friends, we all point them out too.

    • That makes sense. I keep hearing people say that women aren't visual.

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  • Not sure, compliments about your body are a good sign but some might still be into your body without saying it, so yeah... not sure.

    I feel the same way though.

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