Shall I text him or forget him?

Last week i met a gorgeous guy in a bar. One of my friends was quite rude to his group so he said to stay with him and chill. So we spent two hours together just dancing & chatting etc. He was so cute as he asked if im taken and do I mind if he kisses me and how he wouldn't dance if he was taken so he seems to have morals. He also held my hand when we went outside and kissed my neck a lot but he was very respectful in general. He was so handsome though so I got a bit insecure and was worrying does he really like me. At end his friend was driving him home so he asked to swap numbers and I put mine in his cell but my cell was off. So I asked to take his too and he was a bit puzzled as he said I gave it already. My friend said it might look like I gave him a fake one and wanted to take his number to decide will i text him. I copied his down and then saw him again a bit later and before he left we kissed again and mentioned texting and meeting up but I didn't want to appear full on so maybe appeared distant. I then waited two days and texted him hey dance partner how was your weekend and he didn't reply. My friend said my text was not flirty and might look like I play games as I took long to text and was also shy in the club. he said I should have made it clear I would like to see him again as I really would. Shall I text again or forget it?


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  • I dont know. It looks like he isn't interested, why wouldny he reply? If you like him then give it a final try by calling him this time.

    • Yeah I thought that. It seemed that he was in the club as he was making the first moves always but I didn't reciprocate as much. We also live quite far from each other which is annoying. I always get a lot of male attention and hit on but usually the men that approach me are very confident players so thought he's too good to be true. I hate calling people first especially since he didn't reply. Would a text be really bad?

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    • Let me know what happens.

    • Random but I never called him as I thought it was pointless and then he did text me like a month after saying omg he can't believe he never saw the text as he missed the message. He seemed genuine and we were chatting pretty every day and made plans to meet up but then I got cold feet lol and wasn't showing that much interest so it didn't materialise :/

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  • This happened to me recently. I am actually still friends with the guy though and saw him the other day. I would forget it. If he isn't texting back or takes more than a few days to get back to you, it usually means he is not interested.

    • Ok cool that was my thought too. English isn't his first language and he mentioned that he's not so good with the language but a text isn't hard. I think I should have shown more interest when we met and that I liked him but live and learn lol

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