To get a girl, simply be a... man?

Correct me if iam wrong but all the PUA or advices, blogs... etc all boil down to a simple point, be a man.

dress like man (With style), be confident like a man should be, be as careless as a man, stop putting girls on a pedestal and focus on your life cause a man has enough self respect to not be a doormat.
have a job and support your like the majority of men have been doing for centuries, be domininant (at least with her) , be genuine but at the same time a smooth talked ( a level of lying is advised ) .

dont desrespect a girl or be a dick, aid her if she needs you and you can offer help, help her every once in a while without her asking, do nice things once in a while (Not always or she gets bored and takes you for granted ), no need to be an asshole just be real and act normal.

basically normal man behaviour gets you the girl , agree or disagree?


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  • I feel like you need to realize all those PUA videos and blogs are guys doing this only to get laid and not trying to find a girlfriend. What they do has varying success based on the type of person they are talking to.

    There is certainly something to be learned from them, and having the guts to approach women will always be a great skill to have. However do a little bit of selective reasoning towards what they do and apply it how you are wired.

    Its not a formula that's going to work on 100% of people, however if you are confident and aren't needy you can talk to girls you don't know and have good results. Just don't read or watch videos out there and think its some kind of magic trick to get girls its not a science.

    • lol yeah i admit some of the things they teach are kinda useful but yes you are right no magic tricks gotta grow a pair and actually talk to women no other way around.

  • Be a likeable person

  • If she asked you what is your name?

    Say, "My Name is... Hugh Mungus"