No one ever answers but I really need your help, could he have feelings for me?

So I'm in high school and I have serious self-esteem problems, so it's hard for me to imagine someone liking me. I really need your help because I'm just torturing myself going over everything again and again. I've made a list of things that make me think he likes me and reasons why I don't. Please, I would love your help!


- Our families are friends and when he found out I would be camping with him he showered and put on axe.
- He's shy so I need to initiate texting, but he always answers right away and is super engaging.
- We usually talk for 3-ish hours at a time.
- Brags about how well his soccer team is doing, could he be trying to impress me?
- I asked him to the movies but he paid for everything, even asked me if I wanted him to get me better popcorn if I didn't like it.
- His mom told my mom that he asked her ahead of time for extra money so he could pay for me.
- His mom also told my mom he was "upset" we couldn't go laser tagging. (He's the captain of his sports team and had a tournament he couldn't miss.)
- He seems nervous/shy around me.
- We were texted and he said it was nice talking with me.
- Uses the laughing emoji almost every text.


- He never texts first... possibly because he's shy.
- He didn't ask to do anything else with me when laser tag was cancelled.
- I'm not as pretty as his ex.
- Still hasn't asked me to do anything even though I've expressed interest... because he's shy?
- Maybe he just sees me as a friend. :(

So there it is, I'm sorry it's so long. Like I said before, I just can't see anyone liking me so It's hard to imagine that he does. I'm so grateful you took the time to read this, and hopefully answer.


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  • yeah he likes you, and its pretty obvious you know he does you jsut need confirmation from a freind and while i know im not one im sure they would say yeah he likes you.

    and yeah most guys go out of there way to look and smell nice for the ladies but some things just tell you he likes you.

    • Thanks for answering! Yeah I think I do need to confirmation unfortunately, Although I do appreciate you understanding. You might not be a friend, but your opinion is really important to me and helps me feel more secure in the situation... Thanks again for your help.

    • your welcome , and i hope this works out for you.

    • Thank you!

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  • Sounds to me that he does like you, but is picking up on your insecurities, which is making him hesitant. I wish someone told me this when I was your age, so I will tell you now.

    It is important that you learn to not only like yourself but also love yourself before you can have a successful relationship. Make a list like you did above about what your good and bad qualities are. At first the bad qualities will be overwhelming, but it changes over time as you work with the list. Make a point everyday to only add to the good list and try and flip a negative point into a good one. For example, change "I am not pretty" into "I have a beautiful spirit." Whatever you do don't compare yourself to someone else. We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. Find your way and never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Once you start building yourself up, guys will be less hesitant. :-)

    • Thank you so so much! I think I really needed to hear that! I'm so grateful for your advice and will DEFINITELY try it. I appreciate you sharing that with me:)

    • You are very welcome!

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  • aww dont worry bout looks dear lol im little shy myselfs he prob does like u thou seems to bragg on himself a lot thou

    • Thanks for your input I really appreciate it! When I ask him about his sport he always tells me how their team won and how they haven't lost a game and so on.

    • lol no prob dear u should try n git him to open up more thou

    • Thank you, I'll try:)

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  • why don't you have self esteem? That is my question. I don't like it when girls don't feel confident about yourselves because that makes you open to bad treatment. If he is shy, then back off and let him wonder why you have not texted. You don't have to be pretty to get a guy. You have to be awesome. If you don't think highly of yourself, this guy will not do it for you and he will be tired of making you feel good about yourself. Try joining a club or a sport. Something that you like or something that you could be good at. Winning a game, making friends, and being good at something will be a really good start at feeling good about yourself. So... forget this kid for now. Forget about him until next Sunday. In this week, do something for yourself.

    • Thanks, you seem like a really great person considering your advice! I actually struggle with depression and anxiety... so low self-esteem/ self worth sorta comes naturally. I have lovely friends who care about me, including him. We're friends, and as silly as it sounds I don't worry about my looks when I'm with him. He just makes me feel good, he doesn't compliment me or anything I just feel happy around him:) I will definitely take your advice and do something good for myself this week!

  • Cons

    1 - maybe he is shy
    2 - maybe he is nervous to make the first move
    3 - it's his choice to decide if you're pretty ( you & he may not define pretty the same )
    4 - maybe he does just see you as a friend... but that friendship could lead to meeting more available guys!

    Seriously, just go for it! Flirt via text to see how he responds...

    • Thank you so much for answering! I think he flirts with me over text so I try to too. I just don't want to seem too forward by asking him out because I know he doesn't want to rush things in relationships.

    • yw! Hope it works out well! :)

    • Thank you!

  • You really shouldn't be overthinking it so much๐Ÿ˜ฌ how old are you? How old is he?

    • I am 15 and he's 16.

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    • Probably, but I sure hope so!

    • Mistletoe๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ

  • Who said you're not as pretty as his ex?

  • Is he nervous around other girls? If not theno he possibly does like you. Or he could justake be oblivious, guys can be stupid.

    • Lol you're right guys can be oblivious some times! Unfortunately I don't know how he acts around other girls because we go to different schools. So I only see him when we hangout alone together or when our families get together.

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    • You just made my day:) I will definitely take your advice!

    • Glad to know :) good luck!

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