Normal to be afraid of these feelings?

I met a guy who I am starting to fall for, I haven't felt this of an intense feelings since I broke up w/my 1st love. There was a guy I dated briefly and I thought I had started developing feelings, but these were more feelings of comfort then anything. I am afraid of the same thing happening, my ex was crazy about me at 1st, but I feel like I was more of a novelty, the relationship fizzled and my heart was shattered. This guy really likes me, but I am afraid once the newness wears off I will be no more then an afterthought. I really loved my ex and although I have moved on, my feelings were just as intense when I broke it off as when we 1st started going out. Is this normal?


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  • Trust is never easy to give once you've been burned. Just go for it. He isn't your ex. If you want that spark and passion in your life then go for it and just enjoy it


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  • I guess it maybe. If you've been heartbroken by someone u really loved and felt for then it's normal to be scared or nervous about another guy because they could possibly do the same thing. You can fall in love more than once though.


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