Is this worth it/should I try again?

So, there's this guy in my dance class whom I dance with in class and chat/text with almost everyday. Our text convos are short but daily.
He came over to say hi when he recognized me in the library last week, but other than that we only see each other on Friday evenings when we have class.
Last Friday (two days ago), he offered to drive me home after class - this was actually the second time, and the first time I declined but this time I said yes (he has a nice car, btw).
The day before that, I actually asked him out to the Mariah Carey concert I got tickets for, and he declined saying he doesn't like crowds... So, that.. blew my chance. I don't want to ask him out a second time... :(
But... Should I? Maybe just ask him to lunch or dinner? Or should I keep waiting? I hate being the one to ask.
There's no reason why we can't go out, it's just that we have barely anything in common except for the fact that we're in a dance class together and we have the same kind of dog. He's an engeneering major; I'm a music peformance+education major. I love Italian food; he hates it. I'm all about concerts, bars, and shopping in the city; he's a stay-at-home-and-chill-with-my-dog kind of person. He doesn't like crowds. I'm all focused on school and my future while he's like, "chill, you take school too seriously." I tend to be oftentimes pessimistic and/or anxious while he's always positive and telling me to chill.

  • It doesn't matter if you have barely anything in common/try again
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  • Unless you have more in common he won't like you/move on
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  • I find people that are into different things to actually be better. You get to learn about new stuff and you have different interests so you have separate lives outside of each other.

    Guys are kind of dumb, although he should have noticed you were trying to get him out on a date, I see no problem giving it one last try. If you ask him out to dinner he can't say he doesn't like to eat so this will at least give you a good gauge on if he's interested in you or not.


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  • My husband and I really don't have much in common either...