Why do guys not go for the nerdier types?

okay, so what i want to know is why do guys always go for the girls who have long hair, lots of make-up etc? what's wrong with us girls who have short hair, like to read, play sports besides netball, and are actually intelligent?


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  • *boys at that age want the girl that is the quickest to drop her skirt. As you'll grow a little older, you'll find more and more guys appreciating a proper girl/woman.

    But please, whatever you do, don't become the girl you described just so that guys could like you - there's already more than enough of those bitches in the world.

    • Bullshit, boys want girls that aren't just female versions of themselves, it doesn't have to be about who will put out. And a nerdy girl isn't a "proper woman", it's just a flavor of woman. A woman who chooses to be girly isn't bitchy just because she is girly.

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    • Short hair is inherently male, accept it or dont, doesn't change that fact.

      Middle school boys get excited just at the thought of a date. They might want to have sex, but just being with a girl is enough (for now) mostly.

      A nerdy girl not being a proper woman isn't an opinion, it is fact. There is no "proper woman", there are many types.

      And you implied a girly girl is bitchy with your sentence structure. There are English rules for a reason, you misinterpreted them and thus accidentally implied something you did not mean to imply.

    • "Short hair is inherently male"
      -Did you miss that tidbit about vikings having long hair?

      "Middle school boys..."
      -Not all of them are the same.

      "A nerdy girl not being a proper woman isn't an opinion, it is fact."
      -Then your idea of what constitutes a fact is warped.

      "There are English rules for a reason"
      -Not my native language. Visu zināt es nevaru.

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  • For those who don't know, netball is basically basketball without a backboard. Australia is the only place I've ever seen it.

    And in response to the question, a lot of guys go for that kind of girl. Just not when they're 14. Enjoy your time with your friends, and wait a few years.

    • a lot of girls play netball here in australia it's stupid and oz-tag is way better but... eh

  • Those are the sort of girls I go for. The problem is finding them - they tend to be at home nerding it up as opposed to out in the real world where you are likely to encounter them (speaking as an adult)

    I met a few through dating sites but I would imagine a great many don't go on those or find them intimidating.

  • It will change as you get older

  • If men aren't going after you, it must be because you are unattractive in some way. You casually mention short hair like its no big deal when it is. You could be doing other things men find unattractive that you are totally unaware of.

  • there is looks and personality. both has to hit my taste for me to be interested. both don't necessarily correlate.

    But generally... I love nerdy girls too

  • Because you are only 13 and the guys at your age are little nerds, they will change when they grow older.

    • actually a lot of them aren't nerds they are what we call them fuckboys so they are kind of dumb, up themselves jocks

  • short hair is not attractive. its manly. that simple

    • i don't mean short hair like a guys haircut i mean like girly short hair

  • How do you equate "play sports" as nerdy?

    • Well i suppose it isn't really but i'm a relatively nerdy girl who happens to like sports just not as much as books

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