Does this mean he's deleted Tinder from his phone?

Me and this guy have been dating for a few months and as far as I'm aware we still have the app on our phones. Anyway, I opened up the app last week and noticed his distance was 51km away, which meant he was at work. He lives about 30 km from me, and his distance changes to that when he comes home (I noticed this, when we started chatting on there.)

This week, I've checked his distance twice a day (once midday and once in the evening), and the distance on his profile for the whole week stayed at 51km (work).

We speak everyday, and he tells me what he's doing, and weirdly the distance on his profile still says 51km. He came and visited me this weekend, and I checked his profile again but his distance now said "less than a km away", which changed back to 51km (work) as soon as he got home.

Does this mean he still has the app on his phone? He's on android and I have an iPhone.

I don't care if he still has Tinder; I'm just wondering if he still has it or not. I never use it for its intended purpose anyway - I'm already dating someone from it!


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  • No it doesn't mean he deleted it. It could be that he's just signed out or haven't been using it for a while. It could also be nothing, because you can't trust Tinder distance. Tinder said that a guy was like 237 km away or something like that. But actually he was right next to me! It stayed on 237 km for over a week and then suddenly changed to 100-something km, then back to 237 and then finally, after several weeks, it showed the real distance between our houses.

    • That does sound very unreliable! . I know Tinder still tracks your location when you close the app, but not when you log out.