How do I tell my parents they're part of the reason I date men twice my age?

So yeah I date men twice my age. I'm in love at the moment well at least I think I am. I have seen a therapist but she said there's nothing she can do. The reason I date much older men is because they make me feel cared for, wanted and loved. They'll check up on me, help shower me, give me attention and just make me happy. (I am of legal age) my parents never really shown me attention growing up and always craved and well now I've found it. My parents keep telling me I'm stupid and it's disgusting but how do I tell them why I do it?


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  • It's not really that weird of a thing. Young women date older men all the time, it's just part of life. A man get more attractive as he gets older yo a certain degree. A man with his own home, car, career, savings, and so on is much more attractive to some than some kid who still lives at home and works a retail job. If you have found what you need in older men, then stick to it. Men find younger women more attractive anyway

  • Just tell them guys your age only want to party and fuck around, they are immature and not responsible and don't care about anything serious in life. Older guys are established, have careers and money and know how to treat a lady!


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