Girls, If you like a guy in the office would you let him ask you out?


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  • I've been asked out by multiple guys at work and had always turned them down. Although the only guy there that I actually kind of liked and he liked me he was just really shy and never asked me out.

    I try to steer clear of dating people I work with. My friends have dated people they worked with and once they broke up it was awful for them. Really don't advise dating someone you work with even if they work in a different department.

    • But even if you really like them?

    • That depends it would honestly take me forever to agree to date them. Like I would want to know we are completely compatible. Because if it was a month or two of being in a relationship and we broke up I would not be cool with that. Like I'd want it to last a long time. Then if a break up was to happen I'd want us to be able to sit and talk about it. Make sure we don't do stupid things to make each other jealous or talk about each other at work and immature stuff like that. If we break up we are civil and friendly to each other and don't bring drama and new relationship issues into the work place.

  • I think it's one of those "heart says yes, head says no" situations. Even though you'd like it, you know it can be messy so try to avoid it and also wouldn't like it.

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