Do you remember your first teenage boyfriend/girlfriend?

How was it?.Was it sweet, sour or bittersweet?

Are you still with the person?

How did you first react to a member of the opposite sex who showed interest in you.

I had a chance to feel what it's like about 3 months ago. Each time I talked or thought about him I felt so light headed. It felt awesome.

How was yours?

  • We're still together
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  • Never had a boyfriend/girlfriend
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  • It was just nothing
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  • All they wanted was just sex
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  • I'm still enjoying the feeling
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yea lol it was really pathetic. But my 1st real relationship when I was 15 though was exactly how you described I always felt light headed and when someone said his name I got weak. When he would hug me we wouldn't let go for like a min.seriously it was beautiful. He was the first boy my heart stopped for every time I saw him. Ooo and I was always speechless around him so no we aren't together still because I could never form sentences. It was bittersweet I guess cause I loved him so much but could never express it and he didn't know how to either.

    • Omg....that's like the same situation as myself. I have problems expressing how I feel. I friend gave him couple hints but he was like nah she doesn't:)...

      But thxs for answering

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What Guys Said 1

  • guess it was in high school (15 at that time)

    school auditorium, there was this debate and I was the host. Since there was just one girl participating I was kinda siding with her when out of the blue she kisses me on the cheek.

    I was horrified, weird first expression when I still remember it today. ;-)


What Girls Said 4

  • I had my first boyfriend when I was 17. He's the most amazing boy that I know. We broke up when both of us went off to college and stayed as friends (him in NY me in TX). But somehow, life brought us back together. We are living together now and adopted a little baby Siberian Husky and we are everything to each other.

  • My first boyfriend wasn't anything special to me. He was one of my friends and after dating him for a week I really felt that I really didn't like him in that way but realized that we were only meant to be friends and that's all. I was about 14. However the next year I Had my first actual relationship. It lasted about 5 months but ended cause of his trust issues.

  • Ugh I was 13 he was 16. He was planning on being with me for the rest of our lives or something. Kept talking about what car we were going to get and what our house would be like.

    I was 13 and still thought sex was icky. Broke up with him after 2 months.

    • Yeah and he ripped my shirt off on the first day I was going out with him =/. I totally wasn't ready for that.

  • It was awkward at first but completely exhilarating. I pursued him almost more than he pursued me, even though I'm shy.

    We're still together! And I love him more than words can say. He's a sweetie, and sexy too!