Girl checked me out.. All the signs their.. Did I blow it with my approached? What do I do next time I see her?

She sat close by talked to me about her dog.. As she left she kept looking back.. she did the hair thing.. I got on my bike and found her.. I asked her her name.. Samantha she said hesitating.. I asked if she lives on the riverwalk.. She said close by.. I shrugged nervously.. She then said quickly bye waving at me i though she was waving me off.. I said bye.. Then I'll use her name.. so i said bye Samantha nice to meet you.. Did i blow it or something? She did look back a bunch of times and even ran her hands through her hair.. she was going up the stairs then came back down to the riverwalk she kept looking at me as she came back down to the riverwalk again.. Next time I see her what should I do? Ignore her?


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  • Sometimes girls just act a little standoffish at first because they're nervous or whatever, and it certainly sounds like she was checking you out. However, it is always possible that, no matter your intentions, you could have come off as a little creepy. Maybe wave or something, but don't pursue her if she wants to be left alone. Good luck!

    • I was thinking on hanging out in the area at some point and letting her decide.. I should of said I seen you looking at me and I wanted to say hi? What was the best way to not creep her out.. If im in the area she shouldn't have a problem if I don't pay attention to her right.. Let her decide...

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  • Yeah man, that was a failure to launch. Even if she was in a hurry if she had any interest to keep talking she would have offered up her number.

    At least you tried, its all a numbers game, talk to as many girls as possible. Write this one off, if she see's you and talks to you again great, but don't even think about it anymore.

    • I have no problem writing it off... No ones perfect.. I also was not trying to have sex.. Not until she walked away and i seen who she was... Really I just want to know the next move if it happens again for me.. What would you say if she comes around again..

    • Basically it comes down to sales tactics in these situations, ABC (always be closing) If its a brief interaction, get her number as fast as possible and make sure she knows you aren't trying to be buddies.

      A simple little, you are really cute give me your number and we can hang out some time, is all it takes. The biggest thing is being confident about what you are saying, and say it like you know she's going to give you her number. Don't say, so uhmmm yeah anyways like, maybe you could give me your number or something? If you have an upward reflection in your voice you sound unsure of yourself and its confusing. If you talk smoothly and project confidence she will at least be intrigued enough to talk to you again.

      a lot of people say numbers don't get you laid, which is true, but you need to start somewhere. Ideally you want to pull her on a date on the spot if you are in a park setting, its pretty easy to say hey lets go get some coffee real fast. Just some things to try.

    • Oh and if you see her again, meh.. I don't think I would try to even talk to her personally.

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