Should I message this guy?

Okay so the story is this Junior at my school talked and flirted with me last Friday at this event and I didn't get his name but now I know now. Anyways I have a way to message him and I'm conflicted on if I should message him or not because he might find it a bit weird that I basically tracked him down (interesting story) or he wouldn't think twice about it.
So 2 questions:
1. Should I message him?
2. What should I say as a first message?

Also I don't see him often at all because its a same school completely different building kinda thing (like not even on the same side of town)


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  • I say go for it! Maybe he'll think it's cute that you tracked him down. Worse thing that would happen is he never messages you or he turns you down. Which if he does that he's not worth it. And seeing as how you don't see him often there's shouldn't be much of an issue with that.

    Message wise I'm not so sure. Maybe say something like hey I'm whoever we were talking last Friday at the event. How are you?

    Maybe something like that? I don't know. Or see what someone else has to say but I think you should message him.


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  • But If you really like him, why not, who cares. If he finds you attractive/interesting he shouldn't mind anything you mentioned. If it doesn't work out well at least you did all you could and you were brave... also you can move on
    if you had interactions w him at all, think of his reactions and if he gave you negative vibes...

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