I saw this man in the exact same place and time as last year. Sign or coincidence?

Last year I met two men on my home from work. The first was working in a bookstore I stopped in while waiting on my bus. We talked for a little bit and I could tell he was interested. I wanted to talk more too but my bus came and I had to leave.

I was thinking about the man on the way home, wondering if I should have stayed to talk. When I got off, I stopped to get food and met a man there. We exchanged numbers and things went from there. It was a pretty bad experience and I've always wondered what would have happened if I had stayed to talk to the first man.

Today after class I was waiting for the bus by that same bookstore. I decided to go in put of curiosity. The first man was there, sitting in the exact chair he was when we first saw each other. We made eye contact and I could tell her remembered me too. I wanted to say something but I got too nervous and went back outside. I was trying to be sneaky and look over my shoulder but he was staring the whole time. Just as I was thinking about finding some courage to say something my bus came and I chickened out.

The whole thing was so weird. I might just be reading too much into it but I think it's a sign. I have to be over there tomorrow at the same time for class again. Should I say something if he's there?

*I'm not sure if this goes in Dating or not.


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  • You totally should have stayed in. I'm curious why it took you a year to go back into the store though?

    • I just never thought about going back until today

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    • No because I had decided to talk to someone else. Once I focus on one person that's it.

    • I guess that's fair. Now's your opportunity to go after the right one. :-)

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  • I dont think that's a sign. You sure he doesn't work at the book store?


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