Is it normal to be open-minded about sex in such a short space of time?

I just hit 27 and in the last 10 years I've struggled to find a man I feel comfortable enough with. On top of this I was quite prude growing up. Recently I started dating this guy and within a few weeks I've let my guard down. Everytime we hang out I learn something new about myself/ do something out my comfort zone voluntarily.

At first It would take me a day or so to process everything and then one day I stopped caring. i thought to myself that as long as I'm comfortable, whatever happens happens. I've prolonged having sex for the longest time and now for the first time I feel ready, I'm not overthinking anything or having any doubts. Its so weird because before I would worry the guy only wanted sex or that he would freak out seeing me naked etc.
Has this happened to anyone else?


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  • Not to me but it must be common I think.


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  • something like that, as a teen I was curious about soo many things and wanted to try them all
    I first had sex at 17 but it wasn't good, I tried again after a year with two other guys and same result
    but then I met a guy that introduced me to the bdsm community and I met a lot of people with different interests and they were all so open minded and couldn't believe someone "as beauty as you doesn't have a dozen people at your feet"
    that was when I let loose and started trying all the things I had been curious about and never again felt embarrassed of my body or my tastes 😊