Thinking of asking this girl out, advice?

I've known her for about half a year, and we got to know each other quite well earlier this year, we went on one date, and at the end of it i knew i should have kissed her, but i didn't (i've never kissed a girl before), but we've stayed cordial and even friendly towards each other ever since, i want to ask her out, we'll actually be going to a party together soon for work, but i don't know if our before experience will have any impact on today, now, the present.

So do i ask her, or not?

(PS. i don't need any advice on asking girls out in general per-say, i just need a bit of advice, because i've never really been in this situation before (she is single btw))


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  • I think you already missed your chance when you decided not to kiss her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Go for it. What is there to lose?
    But what do I know, that is just my opinion