Girl is acting weird towards me?

I met this girl got her number then she told me she wasn't interested by text then a week later she wanted to hang out and we had a lot of fun and today I saw her out (we have the same circle of friends) and she just acted like she didn't know me being cold and laughing with everyone and acted like I didn't exist...

im so confused what is going on?


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  • to me she's really not interested into anything more than friendship/fun and she doesn't stay with you in a large crowd so that you don't get the wrong idea or other guy she may be interested in either, like to show she's not taken lol

    • She is hot and cold.

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    • I don't have the details, I spoke based on myself
      and I've met some "hardcore church" people when my mother became christian, not all of them are what they seem to be..
      hope she's a good woman and stops giving you mixed signs then 😊

    • I really her I'm really down about it

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  • She told you she was not interested but then a week later she decided she had no better offers, so decided you would do. Now she has decided she does not need your company.

    That is a slight variation of the same pattern and you are surprised?

    Men, guys, you need to start having a little self respect and boundaries. If a woman tells you she is not interested but then decides a week later that she has nothing better to do and wants to have your company, tell her to find someone else to use.

    At the very least, if you do decide to give her a chance, make her work for it and make her qualify why you should be spending your precious time with her.

    How is anyone going to respect you if you allow others to use you?

    That's how I see it anyway.


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  • Okay i have seen this before and when i was younger i actually acted the same when i was into a girl (Do not be like this). She is probably just really shy and didn't want to do something dumb in front of you. Laughing a lot around you is a good sign though. Girls prefer guys to start the talking as well... did you do that?

    • She was interested I got her number then she is not interested she tells me by text then a week later she sees me she calls my name comes through the crowd to hug me so a few days after I send a text about hanging out and we end up hanging out on Saturday we had lots of fun laughs then today at our usual spot she completely ignores me. She came w a small group of friends and she paid them attention and act like I didn't even exist I felt like shit so I just walked out.

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    • First met her I ask her was she single she ask me was I single we exchanged numbers agreeing to go out. After a few days of text trying to make plans she text saying she is not interested in romance. I told her if she changes her mind let me know... A week later I saw her out and she called my name out and came to me to hug me and I cut the conversation short. Few days later I text if she wanted to hang we she said on a weekend so we hung out this past Saturday. Then today she acts like she doesn't even know me... Da fuck is this shit

    • Oh she is probably not a relationship type of girl

  • Buddy, she A. Wants you as a friend or B. You have been friend zoned and she doesn't very much care, I'm sorry but from many experiences it's true, if your hard core just straight up ask her if she's interested or not good luck on the battlefield 😂

    • She knows I want her I'm not settling as a friend.

  • She either doesn't know what she wants, or she's certifiably insane. Delete her phone number, thank your favorite deity for helping you dodge a bullet, then move on to a woman who is consistently interested in you from day one.

    • I am so confused. She gave me her number then we text playful then she text me saying she's not interested in romance so I backed off and when I saw her in public she was excited to see me wanted a hug so I text her and that's when we made plans to hang. Lots of fun etc then today complete ignore not eye contact. I saw her look my way when I wasn't looking that's it. I got pissed and just left

    • That's understandable. I've had that happen to me quite a few times. A woman who acts all hot-and-cold like that isn't who I'm looking for, so I always move on. When you meet the right woman, she won't confuse you with her behavior. You'll always know that she wants to be with you.