Asexual girl, me a boy in high school want her as a girlfriend she sent a message saying that might or might not change, should I try?

Both of us are in high school she's a year under me, I thought hey she would be lovely as a girlfriend, I flirted with her she sent a message saying she was asexual and that could or couldn't change in the future, I just wanna know should I still try to impress her and try to get us into a relationship? I really like her she's my type of crazy.


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  • im asexual
    this does not mean that i do not wish to have relationships with people or date, it just simply means that i am not sexually attracted to anybody
    its entirely possible to be romantically attracted to someone and have no sexual attraction for them

    date her if you like her, but don't expect her to change her sexuality for you, you cannot go into this relationship thinking you're going to be the one to "fix" her sexuality either, cause it's not going to happen, the only one who decides her sexuality (or lack thereof) is her

    good luck :)

    • found out she is also aromatic


    • aww im sorry friend :(
      but i must applaud you for respecting the fact that she is aro/ace and moving on :)

  • Oh man, I think you should give up. She already told you that she is asexual, which means she is probably not interested in you.

    • yeah I agree especially because she now told me she is also aromantic to

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  • Nah, she's asexual and not attracted to you and you should respect that