Is having a disability a turn off for most girls?

Im a paralized guy wondering if girls would think twice about dating me because im paralized from the waist down


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  • I think you know the answer to this better then anyone. Most people will tell you "no it's not a turn off" but it's a cruel world and it's hard for them accept that it is. You're still young and as you grow older prepare to meet some serious disappointments and hard roads, especially in dating.

    I know this because I'm disabled as well. :)

  • Obviously you'll need people to take care of you a lot and obviously a lot of, especially younger people, wanna live their lives before taking responsibility of others, first.

    • That's what I'm worried about, girls thinking they have to be my carer. I want a relationship, not someone to take care of me

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    • Speak for yourself not everybody has the same views like you just remember that. There are people out there who can work with certain setbacks but they're willing to work with that person in the difficult areas.

    • That's the person im looking for

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  • Of course they would. I would if I were a female or if I knew female paraplegics. That's just the way the real world is, not some romance novel or scripted fictional movie. Hell even some hookers will freak out and give you your money back (assuming they don't cash and dash with it).