When is the right time to ask a girl you like out on a date?

We are texting for a few days now and speak in school during the breaks... She is so nice to me and that is confusing because I think that she is just polite and if I ask her out that she will politely refuse. I catch her staring in my direction sometimes but that has nothing to mean. We share the same interests and it seems too good to be true for me. Please help :) thanks

Too good to be real ** sorry for my English


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  • You won't know if she will agree to a date with you unless you ask her out. So why not just ask? I know it's nerve wracking but you won't know unless you try.

    I think you can ask her anytime now. You've been talking for a few days.

    • I know... But she has to learn all the time because some subjects are really hard to pass so she has not much time for texting or to go out and I cannot spot the difference between "no time" and "not interested "Thats my worry.

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    • I was curious and wanted to test her a little. I asked her if she feels comfortable with me , if no she can say it and I won't be angry. She started laughing and said "oh I would tell you if it was like that" .

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  • Don't ever ask a girl out on a date.

    Seriously. Take the whole "ask a girl out on a date" and throw it in the bin. It's terribly ineffective and a total waste of time.

    Instead, just focus on doing things you want to do, and invite cool people you come across in life to do those things with you. Wait for them to earn your trust and don't give it away so freely, but stay friendly and open to doing new things and meeting new people.

    When you boil it all down, it's a complete waste of time for guys to think about whether something is a date or not anyway. Ultimately, if the girl you're out with is interested in you, then you can just get an ice cream together in between meetings at work, and she will consider that a date. If she doesn't like you, you can take her to watch the sunset at the beach and serenade her with a guitar and she'll still keep you in the friendzone.

    Be you. Be an awesome version of you, and let the girls deal with this dating bullshit. It's out of your control anyway.

    • Hahahahaah I thought the same but... I don't know , we'll se what will happen in the next few weeks. Thanks for your opinion ! :)

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  • As soon as possible. You should have already done it.

    • She has to learn a lot and I dont know if she has time. Maybe she will refuse and I'll think that she doesn't like me but that would be just the effect of the time pressure on her. I can't brake trough to her during school , but I'll try it at the next weekend.

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  • lol na too good to be true also works mate.
    I say that you probably won't know the right time to ask her out. Most people look for the right moment instead of the right time. Often you don't really know what she thinks of you and you just have to jump in and ask her out.