Is he romantically interested in me?

So I know this guy that I have just met once because after that I had to move to another country.

However, we talked a lot over Skype. On the weekend and after work when it was not too late as we have 6 hours difference time. Oneday, he suddenly told me that he wants me to know a bit more about him how he broke up with his ex and now he is looking for a new girl and he is willing to travel if he has a girlfriend in the different country from him. What I'm not sure is does his words implying to me or is he just trying to tell me that he is looking for a new girl but that girl is not me?

He asked about my future plan and he says told me that since I don't have boyfriend now so I'm free to make my life plan without having to compromise with anyone. This sounds like he doesn't put himself in my life plan.

He is a very crazy busy person but yes he always reply my text even sometimes took hours because he was still working and he will explain to me why he reply the text late.

I do really like him a lot so I told him how I enjoy my time talking to him and apparently he also likes it too. However, it still doesn't clearly show me if he romantically interested in me. I really want to tell him boldly how I really feel but I am scared what if he is just acting nice to me as a friend? How can we know if the guy also has romatic interest towards us only by Skype chat? And isnit worth the risk if I tell him how I feel knowing that we only have talked to each other for 2 months now? I'm afraid it's too soon.

Thank you!


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  • There is no other way to know if he feels the same way unless you confess how you feel. Best if he reciprocates but even if he doesn't, at least you gave it a shot. And at the end of the day, its still ultimately better to go to sleep knowing you tried instead of wondering what could have been. Life is too short, let him know how you feel.

    • Yes, I think I'm sure will tell him that in our next talk. It's better to know yes or no than keep guessing around, right? 😊 I'm just afraid if it makes me looks too obsessive, but I think it's normal if I want to know where am I and if it's going anywhere.. I hope he will understand that.

    • Right and if he is mature enough, he will handle it like any gentleman and be honest with you. You deserve the truth. Hope it goes well dear, just shoot me a message if you ever need to talk <3 Good luck!

    • Thanks, Karen! 😊

      He just told me how busy he is right now and fell ill because of it but he promise for us to Skype by the weekend. I will tell him then. Really hope will get positive response. 😁

  • It's not too soon and it sounds like he likes you and he was implying all travel to different country for his girl and stuffs on you.
    I think he made it sound pretty obvious...
    if you can't wait just say it. He likes you. Worst case you can just delete his contact from your Skype haha

    • Thank you for your response. :) I'm so nervous to tell him because I'm really bad in reading signs or hints. But I don't want to lose my chance either in case if I didn't say it soon he might think I'm not interested to him. I think I'm going to take the risk. You're right, if he doesn't have the same feeling I can just simply delete him from my Skype and pretend never knew him. :D

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