Is she hinting at something?

Me: Im your master
Her: If you were my master would I have not met you in person by now?
Me: The master stays hidden until the right moment comes.. Thats why he's the master
Her: And when does he reckon the right moment will be
Me: Sooner rather than later

Background: I got her number off an online dating site months ago. I was always the one initiating the text. Even though she would respond all the time, her lack of initiative made me think twice and thought she wasn't that bothered or interested. I continued randomly contacting her. Suprisingly, this time she textd me out of the blue following this convo. Is she finally ready to meet? After months of talking lol? Sounds kind of unfair so im not rushing to meet her but at the same time I will down the road. I think i've played this right lol?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Have you even asked to meet her? I dunno like if a guy contacts me by text and hasn't arranged to meet me within a week of texting I think he's just wasting my time. I might continue to respond to his texts because I really like him but I'd be wondering why he wasn't asking me out and think he was probably just texting me to feed his ego or because he was bored or something. She sounds annoyed with you though so yeah I'm guessing she's been ready to meet you for a long time and is just waiting on you to ask. Wouldn't be surprised if she thinks you might be a time waster though.


What Guys Said 1

  • yes she is hinting just as much as you are ;)

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