Do you really gotta do all this just for that one girl talking about how hard which gender has it rougher on them?

work first on improving your social network, increase your education, increase your physical fitness level, improve social skills, find new hobbies, join clubs that support your interests, travel to gain worldly perspective, etc

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What Girls Said 1

  • Are you serious? You want us to kill you? 😅

    • Do girls really expect all that in order to be her Prince charming? If thats true, where is my gun! ☠🔫

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    • Was about to say cause i rather go through hell than this shit just to get a girl

    • Wow... lol 😅

What Guys Said 2

  • What exactly is the question here?

    • In order to find a girlfriend you have to excel at all these prerequisite? Other then that your chances are 1/100 with women 🤔

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    • You can be confident and not have much money or can't be funny. You can still be confident and not their type cause you haven't fulfilled their desires in life 🤔

    • If a woman cares for more than that then chances are she's vain and or selfish. Or just has too high standards.

  • I'm sorry I'm not following what exactly you're trying to get at here. I'm not making the connection between doing those things and one person complaining about which gender has it rougher.
    Can you explain better?

    • Do you really gotta go through hell just to find a girl if you dont fulfilled these prerequisite?

    • No. It is possible to find women who are not that shallow. I've done it so...