Do guys also do this when you like a girl ( see details) ?

I have a crush on a boy

Even if I know I have not received any notification from him I check my social media (What's app, Messenger...) and I'm always checking when he was last connected

Do you guys do the same when you like a girl or not?


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  • I used to a long time ago. Now at most I check if they've liked anything on instagram recently, because I do scroll through that tab every once in awhile. But no, guys probably don't do that unless they're 100 % head over heels in love with the girl. Even then, I'm not sure they'd really do it.


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  • Some of them do.


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  • I actually don't do stuff like that, it pretty much just drives you crazy and is pretty much on a verge of stalking :P not exactly, but its much better to go on with your day and not worry about what he's up to. He will hit you up when he's ready to.


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