Should I tell my sister boyfriend that she cheated on him?

She's a complete whore, I can't stand her. I feel sorry for the guy he deserves way better! I know it's not my place or business, but she's such a slut wheeling along the poor guys that she meets, giving them her viruses.

If yes, how do I tell him?


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  • First, you try to convince your sister to come out. Tell her she has to do it within, say, a week.
    If that amount of time passes and she doesn't do it, tell her boyfriend. But make sure you don't let your sister know that you're gonna tell on her. When you ask her to come clean, make no indication that it's a threat.


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  • Ever consider writting an anonymous or presenting some type of evidence that's hard to deny instead of just telling?

    You don't have to tell him she's cheating but maybe write something like ''meet her at 4pm (the hour she's cheating for example), I heard there was gonna be some party or something''.

    • Thanks, a anonymous letter worked out great

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  • You don't tattle on your siblings, not to their SOs' anyway. Family always comes first. If he can't find out on his own he deserves to be a total schmuck of a cuckold.

    • This is the worst advice ever.

    • @ThisDudeHere Yeah because you should totally prioritize a total stranger over your family member, because "he's such a nice guy, and he deserves better". And even if so, what do you think will happen, when she tells him the truth? He'll dump her but keep in touch with the OP and become her best friend? Or maybe he'll want nothing to do with either one of them and she's now stuck with a sister who hates her guts.

      It's a lose lose scenario. Just let this shit play out. Life isn't OC episode, drama is never good.

    • Chances are it's not her intention to even get together with the gay - but to just help him out.

  • Yeah like that one guy said convince her to do it
    Or let him know anonymously


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  • No. Mind your own business and don't get involved. You won't get any thanks from it and slut wheeler'll be mad and cause you problems.

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