Am I in the "wrong"? Do guys who not talk to many women also think women don't talk to many men or something?

Let me explain.

I am anti social, introverted.. But I get hit on and asked out by men weekly. So for me, I always think guys are talking to many women too. Like when I'm into a guy, I always think he must be talking to other girls so I have to "win" him over or stand out, or act on it ASAP so the other chicks don't.

However, I also am very interested in introverted loner, quiet men. I'm wondering if they get asked out and talk to women as much as I do with men, even when I don't actually seek these men or communicate to them first, and if they think I don't talk to other guys if they don't get hit on often as well.

I've talked to a few guys this past month, only online or texting, and they moved SO SLOW.. Like they wanted the perfect time to take me out and start something. One guy was talking to me for a year. They assume I will be there no matter what? Or, when I tell these guys that I have a boyfriend now, or that I am seeing others, they act shocked, and say I am making up an excuse because I don't like them, that they thought we had something, or I should give them a chance. I've had 2 guys tell me they are literally in love with me, and we never met in person and hardly carried in depth convos online. I'm confused because weeks could go by without hearing from them, then we'll talk longer convos, and then not again. It'll carry on for months. One guy blocked me after I told him I met someone else. Am I being a bad person here?


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  • No you are not


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