boyfriend tells me he wants a child all the time when drunk? Says he's mentally ready? I want one too but I dont want to look like a fool saying it to him?

My boyfriend when he's buzzed would always ask if I would want to have a child with him?
Says he's mentally ready for a baby, but knows we are not financially stable.
He says he loves me as well. I never say anything because I like to keep those things to myself.
I definitely click with him and I love him very much. He's my friend as well and I want to tell him about my desires.. even though he's my boyfriend too.
I'm 22 and he's 25. I want a child and I want to tell him to see what he thinks sober but I dont want to scare him. What should I do?
I know when you're drunk you don't always tell the truth but it's really been in the back of my mind lately. Should I confront him and see what he says?

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  • It may be that only when he is drunk he is able to overlook the financial aspect of having a child. Talk to him about it.
    But what do I know, that is just my opinion

    • I brought it up to him as a friend standpoint. I told him I know its weird that we are dating and im talking about this but its been on my chest and I trust him, etc. Even if he doesn't feel the same Im glad I talked about it.

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  • actually the truth is usually what comes out when drunk

    • We will see. I did text him but I don't know what his reaction will be aha.
      I'm glad I talked to someone about it. Even if he doesn't feel the same.

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  • Drunk words are sober thoughts. I'd bring it up with him. How long have you guys been together?

    • Actually not long at all. 2-3 months.
      But I'm logical of course.
      Can't just have a child with someone you barley know. But I plan on keeping him for a while as much as I can.
      I feel a lot for him. I'm not going to get pregnant at this moment but it's always a thought.

    • Well he must really like you if he's talking about having kids with you. It's a lot harder for men to talk about there future with women. but yeah, I definitely talk to him about it.

    • I just talked to him. He said he doesn't mind having one but his mentality isn't quite there and he's not financially stable. Which is smart and good! I kinda feel embarrassed? Aha. I don't know. Why say those when drunk yet reject now? Was afraid of this exact reaction... I feel stupid for bringing it up.

  • Are you okay having a child out of wedlock?

    • Hm. Well, if I had to i'd get married before the child was born.
      I'm not religious but spiritual.

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    • I'm ready. I'm very responsible. I live on my own and have a car as well. He drinks a lot but he's working on it. I know we haven't known each other for a while and he's not financially stable. I guess I'm jealous because everyone around me are starting families.
      Yes we had a disagreement already. He broke up with me but came back after 1 week. So we are back again and working with each other.

    • That's awesome, seems like he is willing to make positive changes!! How much does he drink? My ex. is a functional drunk!! He drinks a lot and most of his salary!! That's one reason why it didn't work out for us. He wanted to marry me.
      Does your boyfriend live on his own n can pay all his bills! Debts? Just know that I have kids and need so much money!! Food, clothes, toys, trips... Omg...
      Did you two take romantic trips yet?
      He was very good to me and spent all the other money on me!!! Sigh.,,

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