Will I ever be able to move on from him and start to date again?

I met this boy Mitchell when I was about 13 and we fell for each other really hard and fast. We literally became inseparable and talked all the time, we where so close. He was my best friend and as soon as turned 14 we began to date. We had been dating up until last year when we where both 18. We where literally each others first for everything. Neither group of parents wanted us together or any of our friends. Basically everyone hated us as a couple but we still loved each other. Last year for my birthday he took me to his parents beach house for the weekend over the summer before we where going to leave for college. He had an amazing weekend planned and everything was perfect. By the end of it he had asked me to marry him and I had said yes. Well once we got back home and we told his family they didn't approve and told him they would have no part in it. So we ended up without the support of our families. Well about a week after us being engaged he got into a car accident that ended up causing him to pass away. Well it's been a year now and everyone keeps telling me I should move on from him but I can't. Every day he's the only person I can think about and he's always the person I still dream about being with. My friends have tried hooking me uo with other men but I just can never connect with them or not talk about Mitchell. I know I'm only 19 and have so many years to find someone but I had already found who I was meant to be with, I don't want someone else. And I just hurt because I miss him so bad still and no one understands

Please help me


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    I'm sorry you are passing throw such a thing. No one deserves that. But... the world was never perfect and life is very frigile... sometimes we have very mean surprises, still... i want to remind you that this is like waves... we get also good things.

    There are lots of possible special persons for you... they will not be the first, they may not be the second... they may only be the nintht... but he will be your special one... if you don't give up finding them.

    No one borns with exlusive twin souls. We find them when we feel open to it, and you are not yet open... But, you must be open to friendships.

    Friendships are the root to good relationships, i would like to see you knowing new people, not to date, not because you nee it, but, because it's good to share life moments... to get your mind working... to give you again a reason to admire life and.. find your new Special One : /

    Please, try to know new people.


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