Super flake. ignore him or tell him off?

ok long story short. this guy from tinder ( i know i know) were talking. things were cool so we started texting every day for an hour or two for the past week. he feeds me all these lines, gets super intense but as soon as i suggest hanging out, he vanishes for like 12 hours. doesn't reply.

this would be ok if the guy didn't reply within MINUTES each time i send a text, an hour max...

so i just go ok this is confusing, forget it. he goes iyou seem upset, i'll talk to you after i come back from my trip. there are cell phones/service in california. lol

i just write back im not upset, its just bad timing, no worries. bad communication.

then we start talknig again, until the very same thing happens again. i mention hanging out, he goes AWOL.

i give people two chances. i also dont believe in vanishing bc its rude AF and im not a hypocrite. so i state my reason- hey, you dont seem to be too into it, no worries. its just a waste of time, take care.

he writes back. im just busy this month and i didn't have my phone with me. i'll hit you up when im back ( in two weeks).

i am so tired of this. what the fuck are wrong with people? you like someone else, go for that person, stop stringing people along, i dont care about you but i have issues with people ignoring me- parents, ex bfs giving the silent treatment, so i find this shit very triggering.
Super flake. ignore him or tell him off?
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