Is she starting to like me?

Sorry for the punctuation/length
over the last month or so this girl i have feelings for and that i've been friends with for a while has started hanging out with me more before she would be very flaky with me sometimes never return my texts but now we are hanging out multiple times a week and she texts me first all the time last week we were at a diner she looked at me and said i have beautiful eyes then the next day she helped me go shopping and on the way to the mall she said she had a dream about me she's also been dressing better before she would wear a t shirt and pajamas when we went out the other day she did her hair and told me she did it for me i asked her to a Halloween party at my friends a couple weeks ago she said yes then when i brought it up the other day because i was afraid she would forget she got very excited and said oh thank god i was hoping you hadn't forgotten i'm so excited and she keeps bringing it up everytime i see her and she said she wants me to pick her up at her house because she's my plus one she also agreed to go visit my sister in nj for the weekend so we could go into philadelphia I don't know its just a weird change from a couple of months ago when she was very hot and cold with me now she wants to meet my family and never says no to going out i dont know what to think of it because i know she has had a couple of bad relationships in the past and she has told everyone she just enjoys being single so i dont know if she's just taking things slow or what sorry again for the punctuation


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  • I think she is. If I were you, I would have already kissed her.


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