No one ever answers, please; I desperately need your help to know if he is ignoring me?

I'm in high school by the way. So I like this guy and we've been talking weekly, I need to initiate because he's really shy... But the other day I texted him and he didn't answer. He always answers, so this is really weird. The worst part is I know he got the message because he was on social media. I put down the reasons why I think he likes me so you get the situation...

- When he found out I going camping with him he showered and put on clean clothes and axe, which he hadn't done in days. The only reason I know is because he put on so much his mom smelled it and told me.
- While camping he went out of his way to touch me. He tried to scare me twice, both times he grabbed my shoulders from behind.
- He always apologizes for when he doesn't text back right away.
- He uses a lot of the laughing emoji, which could mean he’s trying to flirt.
- We usually text for around 3 hours on average, and he's really engaging.
- He very subtly flirts... I think. He says things like, "Fight me lol." and "You could always come visit."
- He paid for my movie ticket, and for popcorn and skittles, even though I invited him and insisted to pay.
- Asked his mom for extra money so he could pay for me. His mom told my mom and she told me.
- His mom also said he was "upset" when he couldn't go mini golfing with me. (I asked him if he wanted to do something with me, he suggested mini golf.)
- He seems nervous/shy around me.

So there is all that stuff, but he ignored my text... why would he do that all of a sudden? Is he just not interested in me? Wouldn't you text the girl you like back?


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  • No one answers because you wrote a book. No one wants to take the time to read all that... if you can get to the point quickly we might be willing to answer your question, otherwise we see your question is WAY too long and don't bother to read it

    • Well if you're too lazy to read it I guess I don't need your answer. I give all the information I can because I want the most accurate answer I can get. It takes about a minute to read; it won't kill you.

    • Hey you complained about why no one answers. I gave you the reason. Now you are upset when I give you the reason no one replies? Geez grow up will you?

    • I wasn't complaining, I was stating something. Most of the time people do answer, but If you put that in the title it tends to make them more inclined. I don't need to "grow up." You are the one complaining about how long my response was.

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  • It's possible he is just really busy at the moment. Especially if this is out of the ordinary for him. Try giving him some space and when he contacts you be friendly and positive.

    Sometimes people get busy, and that's probably all that happened. All the signs are pointing to him liking you.

    • Thank you so so much! I would NEVER bring it up because I do know that he has some major things going on. I just want him to know I'm there for him. I really appreciate your answer:)

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    • Thanks!

    • You're welcome!

  • He might be busy to reply you.
    He might have been doing something important.
    Or he needs some space.

    Give him some space and watch if he comes back to you. You need to be Patient and stay strong.

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