My boyfriend and his ex are at the same University now. Should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship because he goes to University (about 5h away) and I am in grade 12. I don't know much about his ex-girlfriend because he refuses to talk about her, or tell me what happened between them, but everything I know is that they broke up in around March (6 months ago). Eventually I found her on Instagram and found out that she's one year older than him and also goes to the same University as him now! He never talks about her, but there is absolutely no way that he doesn't know she's there. I am worried because I believe that he really loved her in the past, and now they are at the same university together, and might come across each other. She would get a chance to see him more than me! Is there a reason for me to worry about his ex-girlfriend?


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  • He's balls deep in her right now, no doubt about it.


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  • At the end of the day there's nothing you can do about it other than break up. He needs to be the one who decides to stay loyal. You can't do that for him. If it bothers you too much then just end the relationship now.

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