Should I ask again or just let it be?

I asked a guy out for a drink. He said yes, although we didn't have a set in stone plan. I waited about a week, then asked when he'd be free. He said he was busy most of the next week. My idea for meeting up on a Saturday he said wouldn't be good for him either. He said after work would be good but he's confusing/annoying the hell out of me. I don't want to be the one constantly asking, I feel like if he was still interested he would speak up. What do you think?


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  • You've shown you are interested in him. So its up to him to move on it now. I'd back off now so as not to seem clingy. If he really wants to do something then he will be in touch. If not then its his loss.

    • I agree 100%. Thank you.

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  • This is why I'm not asking guys out anymore. Because they will always say yes. Even if you didn't exist for them beforehand. Because they are terrible at rejecting.

  • Yeah eventually after a couple excuses and such, I'd give up and let him come to me or let whatever we had fizzle out

  • No, don't. That is clear indifference... which is just as bad as disinterest.

    • Figured as much. It just annoys me that he wouldn't just say no in the first place instead of saying yes then making me wait. Ugh.

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    • Yeah you're right. Although it's not really the purpose of changing is mind as much as it is to just get feelings of my chest lol it would feel good to just say it.
      But you're absolutely right, he's choosing to be an ass. Not to be conceded but I don't deserve that. Thanks 😊

    • Well, if you just need to get your feelings out regardless of what he thinks, then go for it.

      You're welcome.

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