Has he lost interest or busy?

I'm very confused. We started seeing eachother about a month ago. he's a student and seems to be focused on a school a little bit. For the first week we went on 2 dates and hung out. Then we found out we worked in the same area so I would hang out with him at his job for a few hours (he was never busy). I met his best friend and we would never text but we would snapchat most of the time. He even came up with date ideas and said hed look into it. By the third week we only saw eachother at his place at the end of the day. The last 2 weeks i haven't seen him. I asked him a few weeks ago if he's interested still or just busy and he apologized and said he's been busy but still interested. We aren't seeing other people. I then told him yesterday that I wasn't interested in just hooking up but to let me know if he's still interested so I don't get my hopes up. And he apologized for being busy again.. do I wait out for this dude? I'm so into him and I don't want to throw that away, I want more time to get to know him and all that. I don't want to throw him under the bus but I also don't want to be strung along.. thanks :)


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  • Maybe just wait it out. Don't go dating someone else but don't let yourself be strung along. Either ask him out or just stop worrying about it and wait for him to do the next move. If you wait then just try not to think about it.

    • I second the "ask him out " part

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    • I totally asked him out a few times but he had stuff that needed to be done. So I figured the next time he can ask on his own terms. We had a date lined up but he ended up driving his friend to the airport last minute (and he actually did by the way ahha) thanks guys!!

    • Hmm, next time try to ask him what day he is free... then plan things around that day... I do it all the time but being adults we ( me and girls) get busy and usually delay it to another time...

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  • Explain how you feel, because if he's genuine he'll make an obvious effort to sacrifice time for you. He'll not want you to feel he's too busy to make time for you

    You can tell if someone's losing interest because their behaviour will change , but they'll be a regular pattern to that change Messages or chats won't have much quality. They'll be short or superficial.