Why are women like that? or should I say humans like that?

- I start dating a girl and then I meet a new woman who is better looking than her and then slowly we start getting attracted to each other, and suddenly, BOOM

- I feel less and less attraction for the previous girl, and then suddenly I start getting annoyed with her and eventually the bond breaks.

- I just want to know why men and women do this? or is this natural human tendency?

  • Its natural human behaviour, we want the best, And once our standards are raised and we know we can get a better partner- our attraction for the current partner and eventually we dump them.
  • No its not natural.
  • Others (please comment)
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  • well actually it is more of your mind playing little games on you, see your current girl you've seen her at her worst, that fairly tale image you had of her is gone and you see her as she really is, so while you see her as what is "her worst" a new woman appears and seems to fit your fairy tale all over again but don't let it fool you, assumption only creates falsehood, the new girl isn't more attractive or better than your current girl, you only think she is, but you haven't seen her real character or seen her without makeup or seen her angry and bitching about things.

    this is a common mistake peoplemake and it makes me lol, because almost always they regret the decision, "all that glitters is not gold", she may not be the princess you think she is, don't assume.

  • You have a commitment problem.
    I believe this goes beyond just the surface of someone, it has to do with you as a person, your interior.
    Why are you afraid of commitment?
    You try to find reasons for breaking up, none which makes logical sense.


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