Do you think being nice is irrelevant when it comes to being screwed over in dating?

Let's just say you date someone and you end up being led on, manipulated, rebounded, cheated on etc, and then you complain because you're hurt, then others might tell you suck it up, move on, you're entitled, too nice, etc.

I've had some say that to me after being rebounded and it's like did I ever say anything about being nice or entitled?

I don't see what being nice has to do with it. Besides its not like I'm every time I date a woman or get laid im an asshole all of a sudden?

Its like how how about we just don't want our feelings fucked with, when someone's giving you false hope or dragging you along.

People complain about rejection and compared to being led on, rejection isn't shit. With being led on and manipulated, it messes with your head and you feel like an idiot when they ditch you.


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  • Anyone can be screwed over in dating, nice or nasty. Even if you're nasty, they could be nastier. Doesn't make a jot of difference.

    • Exactly. Even when I got rebounded recently, I knew the girl just got out of a long term relationship and took it slow, proceeded with caution, and still got screwed over. Much harder to get over than I thought. Getting over things like that doesn't just happen by turning off a light switch.

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    • Ah typical life. Why can't it all just be easy? lol

    • Well it seems like the women I've met lately have been at one extreme or another. Either very clingy/possesive or flaky/hot and cold.

  • What?

    • I'm referring to guys who complain about girls leaving them/screwin them over and saying I'm nice, I'd do anything for her. I'm also referring to when guys complain about getting screwed over and then people might say oh quit being a nice guy, needy, whiny no matter how much they're hurt.

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    • It's not, that's my point. I'm just saying people focus on that like it has to do with what went wrong.

    • I don't focus on what is not important

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