Guys, would you lie about another guy to a girl you like?

Alright, there's this guy (Guy A) who i'm friends with but after a day spent with him, my cousins and I, he got well quite comfortable with me (Smacks ass, sexual jokes, etc..) but I don't see him that way. My cousins were telling me the next day that he seems sweet to me aside from what he did and came to the conclusion that he likes me. So in order to not give the wrong signal, I distanced myself from him but still remain friendly in a good way.

Cut to me and this crush of mine (Guy B), we're friendly and his body language is open as in, very flirty and touchy towards me, we talk well and clicked. So it came to a topic where we were talking about travelling and he was talking about going to the Philippines but he doesn't wanna go alone.

Yesterday Guy A brought up to my friends saying that he hears me and guy B has plans together. Which, we do not by the way. The only plan was to eat lunch together. That's it. He continued saying that if we were (me & guy b) to hook up, its unfortunate because guy B has a girlfriend (I just knew as well but not sure about it cause guy B never mentioned).

I'm confused as to why would someone need/mention; dont wanna travel alone to another country, but then end up meeting his girlfriend there and need me as a company? Won't that make no sense? Or is there something probably fishy here?


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  • No I would not