Why would a man try make me chase him and constantly try to make me jealous?

okay I have been on and off with this man for a while he's 37 anyway he usually messages me most day but soon as he's stayed with me he won't for a couple days. He also constantly try's to make me jealous. And he gets funny about other men and try's to trick me out. He also constantly brings up things I done in past. When we fall out he purposely goes out to bars around my area. I know he wants me to chase him. He also asks me if I love him and questions me about other men. But then when everything is fine he will stay with me , do the jealous thing saying what would I do if I do this and this and talking about sleeping with my friends then cuddle kiss me in morning and I won't hear from him. I haven't really told him how I feel about him and we have both done bad things to eachother why do you think he is doing this? He also always ask me when do I want to settle down or why don't I get a boyfriend. I know he doesn't trust me to and when I've been out and he sees me dancing with man he will just walk out. This has been going on 3 years now and he always says to me if I like a man then why do I sleep with other men. But I know he does to , so what is the problem?


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  • Sorry to say this but he is playing you. Of course he doesn't want you to be with other guys, whats in that for him.

    Three years is waaaaay long enough to know if this is the right guy, and he's not. But he will keep you hanging as long as you are willing to sleep with him.

    • He will meet me aswell not just for sex though and he has taken a lot of poo off me. Like I called him every name under the sun in front of his mates and he still continued to speak to me

    • Putting up with someone else's shit is not love. Drama isn't love. It can feel like it, but its not.

      Find someone you would never do that to and he would never do that to you. If you are willing to degrade him in front of his friends, he is not the right guy for you.

      If that is just "who you are" then take a break from any relationship and work on yourself.

      Love has nothing to do with how much someone is willing to take.

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  • The relationship is unstable, theirs no trust , no respect for each other.3 years is quite a long time for you guys, plus you two need to sit and talk about your behaviour and feelings. If he isn't willing than I guess you need to break with him and think clearly before you decide are you willing to continue like this for your whole life or would you like some one to give you love and cherish you the way you do.

    The guy seems pretty uncaring towards you and if given a chance he will leave you. He doesn't love, he just want to see how much in love r you with him and how far you can go for him, he is still not decided whether he should continue with you or probably it could be you, as he asked you couple of time for settling down.

  • I think he doesn't care that much about you. He is just using you to pass his time.

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