Advice for an exgf?

need advice asap! went to the movies with my ex the first time after 2 months apart and again just recently this September 9 then she gave me a goodnight kiss i played it cool in person one kiss on the lips and went are separate ways the next day she text me saying she had a great time and i should lose some weight cause some girls and guys don't like chubby. then she went cold on me has not text me at all i have been the one doing the texting these past 3 weeks. the last text was the on 23rd i sent to go to the movies. September. she replied back saying "take care and, i'll let you know" what should i do i need help been reading the book like crazy and watching videos any advice or suggestion are greatly appreciated update ___ should i text her to let her know if we still on or wait until she replies back

what i want is friendship. i don't know if i over text or something and she was the one that broke up with me. any advice on over texting girls the dos and don't?


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  • Who broke off the relationship in the first place? If it was her, then I would wait for a reply but don't count on one. If it was you, then I would either text or call her to see if you are still on.

    • she did. but this is friendship she told she can't trust and when you can't trust how can you be in a relationship. does over texting turn a girl off?

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    • should i see if she wants to go to the movies? or wait for her replied

    • Since you seem to need some closure here. I would recommend a phone call to see if she still wants to go to the movies, that way you can hear if she is hesitant, which is something that gets lost in texting. If you get her voicemail, just leave a message and keep it light and short. Something like "Hey, hadn't heard back from you and just wanted to know if you were still interested in going to the movies. It's ok if you don't just let me know."

  • She is not interested in a new relationship. Time to move on and find someone new.

    • not new relationship just friendship we text but now its been me that start the conversation. and its shorts when she replys back

    • I wouldn't pay it much attention honestly.

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  • if you are hoping for a relationship i'd probably want some sign that she has genuine interest in you and rekindling the relationship.

    • so i'd want to hear from her rather than you pursue her

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    • she you'd ignore me when i text her and come up with lies like she did not know what day it is cause she was super busy and she would say she does not love me. so i would say cuase of over texting each other things went stale.

    • ahh. well unless her feelings have changed since then, which i would want to talk about i feel like you probably need to not consider anything romantic with her.