How do I approach this guy I'm into at my college?

I am a people person I may not have many friends but I am open to conversation with almost anyone. Guys always stare at me and (not trying to be cocky) almost never approach me and there is a guy in my pre calculus and chemistry class at college and I have caught him staring at me , but never approaches me so I have been watching him like making observations about him to decide if I really like him and so far all that I have seen I like for example I am tall but if I like you then I like you even if you are shorter than me, well he is taller than me. He is cute, I mean like at least to me he is very handsome and sexy, he has dark brown hair , he seems to have nice sense of humor and will talk to anyone who talks to him he is a bit awkward and I find that absolutely sexy, it's not like crazy awkward but it's noticeable and he seems nervous and shy which plays into his awkwardness. I want to approach him and possibly start a friendship before anything I just want to know more about him and I want him to be more confident. I have no problem approaching him I just don't know what to say to him. I want to tell him that I think he'should cute because I want to be honest I don't think I will scare him off but If I do thenot I know he's a man that can't handle a girl that is not afraid to get things done. I am not the type to go out with anyone or even really have any crushes, but he is always staring at me when I enter class and looks like he wants to say something, but doesn'the and I understand it can be nerve racking for guys to ask girls out. I don't want this opportunity to go to waste because he seems to be special just something different about him than a lot of other guys I have met. So any advice will be helpful
How do I approach this guy I'm into at my college?
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