He cheated on his girlfriend with me. Why he keeps talking to me?

I didn't know that he has a girlfriend, of course. That is why I kept dating him and sleeping with him. He was a foreigner guy and he didn't put a lot of information in his Facebook but when he came back to his country I found out his Instagram account and he puts a lot of photos with some girl and also recently. They have been dating for almost 2 years!

He knows that I know about her but keeps talking to me normally. Should I do something about it? Part of me wants to tell the girl but also I do not want to get involved.


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  • Ignore him and tell the girlfriend. Wouldn't you wanna know if it was your boyfriend?


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  • Ignore him and definitely don't sleep with him, he's a cheater. I would suggest you not to tell the girl, but ask him what's going on, and just leave him regardless of his reply. It honestly depends what type of person his girlfriend is, if she is deeply in love, I wouldn't tell (I believe she is for the 2 years). If she's still not madly in love, then tell her. It depends on his girlfriend~ :)

    • thats some bad advice! so you would rather someone not tell the truth and have her live a lie?

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    • @Bobbyhill1 You're going off topic, I've already told the asker to get rid of him from her life, I know that he is a bad person, you're completely off topic. I'm talking about reasons of how telling the girlfriend about this may lead to major issues. You can't just tell her, she lives in a completely different country, she may have some personal issues which may become worse, they might already have children. I'm sure this would lead issues to the girlfriend's family and reputation. I'm telling the asker to research more about the relationship between the two before doing anything. I already stated that in the original message.

    • im not going off topic she clearly asked if she should tell her, and you are saying ''well if she isn't in love'' you are supposed to warn somebody if somebody is being cheated on. who cares at what point the relationship is in? he will NEVER stop if he did it this time, cheaters cheat because they dont care about that person. I wonder, how many other females is he playing? saying nothing just allows him to cheat behind her back, which is wrong

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  • dont listen to that first girl, if someone is being cheated on they deserve to know. put yourself in that girls shoes. 2 years!! and he is cheating on somebody and clearly does not care as much as she does care about him.


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  • He's a player!! Don't let him take advantage of you girl