Can we go back to being more than friends?

He said he wasn't ready for a relationship and instead of having a conversation about it. I got upset and said we just be friends instead of asking him what he did want (FWB, casual dating etc). In most cases I would just walk away but he isn't very experienced with dating and I got the impression that he did actually like me, I think he is just scared of being hurt again and is a little more on the passive side. should I tell him I'm ok with taking it slow dating just not ok with FWB? Or just leave it alone?


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  • Both guys and girls say that when they are 1) worried about seeming too needy or 2) they want to keep you around until they find the one they do want a relationship with. I don't know which this guy is.

    Real love isn't slow, its a freight train

    Tell him how you feel and what you want. If he is not interested in that move on.


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  • Best thing is just to tell him straight. If you're okay to take it slow and build the relationship, tell him.


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