Does this text sound needy, before I send it (situation below!) ?

The guy I’ve been seeing came round last night. He’d had a bad day and was grumpy, but he was alright with me. Anyway, I’ve just started learning how to drive and only had 3 lessons so far. I’m slowly getting used to it but whenever something goes wrong, I suffer a lack of confidence by putting too much pressure on myself and wanting to impress others by doing well.

Anyway, my guy offered for me to drive down the road to my house in his car. I hesitated, but wanted to see if I could try. I stalled it five times, and basically the whole thing was a disaster so I gave up. To be fair, I was extremely tired at the time and didn’t have my driving glasses on but I still got really cross with myself and ended up crying (not sobbing lol) I apologized for being pathetic afterwards.

We haven’t been dating long (few months) and my guy was really supportive but I still felt bad and worried that I’d been too much of a drama queen. He also suffers from depression, and we’re still in the “getting to know each other” phase.

So I’m planning on sending this today;

“Hi, kudos to you for handling the ultimate tired, grumpy (my name) yesterday! I know it was the last thing you needed after a shit day lol”

Does this sound needy at all? I still feel embarrassed about yesterday, and I don’t want to cause any more drama in his life.


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  • No. That is not needy at all.

    Also don't stress too much about being needy. I have had girlfriends that were VERY needy and I loved it, and I have had girls that were not very needy, but I still thought it was too much and drove me away.

    In the end it not about how needy you are its about how much you like him and he likes you. If you are both crazy about each other, then it doesn't matter how needy you are. If you are crazy about him and he doesn't feel the same, being needy is a quick way to find out. If you are not on the same page, find someone who is as crazy about you as you are about them.

    Always ask for what you want and be yourself. If he loves that, he loves you. If he doesn't you are both wasting your time and emotions.

    • Thanks for the opinion! I'm surprised you said you liked it when you had needy girlfriends; surely that didn't make you feel drained and exhausted? I think because I really like him, I was worried about how I came across. Also, there's a lot more to "neediness" than the negative stereotype; there's nothing wrong in wanting your needs met.

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    • I can imagine it was a relief. I don't believe in holding anything back either. He's got depression, which makes him act distant sometimes without realising, but I don't know whether it's just him as a person or his condition, so broaching the subject will be a little trickier I suppose.

    • If he has depression he might not even realize he is being different. Also, if he is depressed and you want a relationship you are going to have to learn to talk these things out.

      Good luck

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  • That's actually pretty cute, I think you should send it.


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  • Not at all needy! Cute

  • It doesn't sound needy at all, go for it