Yes/No- is this a logical reason to not start with or pursue someone, even if you have a crush or are interested?

If you're a broke, starving artist.. So you work a crummy job almost every day to support your art, and come October, for your art, you will be traveling the country every other month or more in order to help your art become your career? On the road all of October and December and spring. Also no phone since you're too broke to purchase one.

Is this a logical reason to wait to start something with someone or pursue someone until later?

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  • No
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  • no. If he like you it won't matter and he will be happy you have dreams.

    Guys don't need you to have money, unless he is playing you.

    • Its not that he has no money, it's that he is busy all the time and traveling currently

    • It's him not me lol

    • Hope I'm not posting this twice.

      If you are like each other, don't let money or distance stop you. He won't care

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