What do you like/don't like about first dates?


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  • First dates can feel awkward and at times. They can seem so formal as if you're being interviewed. I don't like the intial awkwardness of a first date


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  • Dont: Awkwardness first dates, sometimes there's none. I dont like it it, when you are intrested and she isn't, and you'll never find out why. Paying every single time.
    Do's: meeting someone new, hearing intresting stories, connecting, having a great time..


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  • The things you learn from the other

  • I dunno but I deleted Bumble and Tinder because of bad experience.

    • @Thrifty how bad was it?

    • Bad enough to not use Bumble or tinder again unless they paid And laid me

    • Really? I have heard some sick storied about guys losing their virginities then running away half naked since the girls bf/husband came home haha. There are other ones more positive where you come across like people getting into a real relationships etc.

      I guess that you didn't had much success rate might have been due to the area where you live. Well, it uses GPS as the primary way to find people to date etc so I wouldn't rule out this option.