This woman is confusing me, what should I do?

1. She gave me signs in the class that she likes me, but i did not approach her.

2. I met her on stairs and I asked for her name, she said "i dont know u" i told her "i like u" she walked away, i told her "if u changed your mind let me know"

3. Then again, she started giving me signs that she likes me like she earlier gave like eye contact and brushes against me while passing by , trying to get my attention by wearing sexy clothes etc.

4. Now I dont understand what should I do?

  • You should approach her once again, she was taken by surprise and she was not ready for introduction. Talk to her one last time.
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  • You told her u like her, and if she changed her mind she should let u know, so now let her talk to u or do something about it coz now she knows u like her. If she really wants u , she will make an effort for sure. Just wait. Have some self respect dude.
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  • Women won't come out and talk to u, they will give u subtle hints like eye contact and hope that u get the hint, I would say talk to her 1 last time.
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  • mtcheww, forget the stupid bitch, you told her you liked her and she just walked away... she is obviously not serious or wants to play, give her no attention, let her work for it, i hate females like that.

  • Are you really a graduate student making the assumption she's "trying to get my attention by wearing sexy clothes etc."

    • She is doing it, and im not joking,
      after 2 months, she started wearing padded bras just to make her breast look bigger and all my friends say dude look she is wearing a pad coz she never did it earlier.
      And im 100 % sure its for me,
      what should i do?

    • Lol. Get your head out of your ass. If the girl barely spoke to you when you introduced yourself, how could you possibly believe she's dressing for you?

  • How delusional, from what you've write, my opinion is that you read the sign wrong. Sorry to say


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