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My boyfriend thought about breaking up with me because "I deserve more"but he hasn't and he told me he loved me after he said this and when I go over he's always like this is a dream like are you actually here he gets happy so I don't see why he's want to end it. The way he said we should breakup was in the context of he felt embarrassed that he couldn't pay for a group date and that his friend had to pay for the food and activity. He's in search of a job and wants to go back to school but I'm not sure is this a way for me to get to dump him or what does he not feel anything for me anymore and he's trying to let me down easy? He said he felt like a disappointment to his family and friends and he really is insecure about himself but I love him the way he is.


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  • 1) a real man doesn't feel like a man unless he can protect and provide.

    2) there is a good chance he feels like he cares more for you than you care for him. That sucks and no one want to be in that position.

    It looks like you are young, take it easy until he can get his act together, but don't wait forever. Unless you are CRAZY about him. If so, let him know and let him know nothing else matters.


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  • He's at the lowest point in his life. You're a wonderful person to love him and not give up on him even at this time. You've seen him at his worst, so if you intend to stay, then hold on to him and tell him that you are never going to walk away.

    Of course he would've felt bad and at times 'incapable'. Perhaps he's afraid that you could've had someone to treat you better or even wondered if you would still love him. Not being at his best will hurt a man's pride. Express your thoughts to him and assure him. With the right encouragement, he'll surely make it through. All the best for you two. You've got my respect for being such a strong, wonderful lady.


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  • He is just making excuses to dump u so that u dont feel bad.
    There could be many reasons - an ex came back into the picture or maybe u acted needy clingy or watever.

    • Nope his ex is gone so it's not that I see who texts him BC he willingly shows me but I guess me caring pushed him away

    • U should love the other person in such a way that the person u love feels free.
      If he says lets break up, just tell him " i love u but if u wana break it up then fine take care, if u change ur mind let me know"
      and then u walk and never look back.

    • I'm with that

  • He just needs some funds to feel like a man and pay for shit.

  • Is this the guy who was cheating on you, 7 months ago?

    by the way, your friends, are H-O-T, hot

    • No it isn't I'll make sure I tell them lol

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    • I know man it's hard with school and stuff I'm trying to keep up with my own life

    • maybe then, you probably shouldn't be trying do have a boyfriend... if you can't keep up with your own life?

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